Jordan | Reborn

Stance Studio and ADMK have joined forces to release a short film tribute called "Reborn," which tells the story of Michael Jordan's journey through the metaphor of the iconic Solid Gold OVO Air Jordan sneakers and his impact on basketball and pop culture.

In 1984, Nike signed Michael Jordan, a young basketball player who had just joined the Chicago Bulls, to a contract. He became one of the greatest sports stars of all time. As Jordan celebrates his 60th birthday in 2023, the Jordan Year promises to be significant for Nike, basketball, and Jordan himself.

The film aims to showcase Michael Jordan's journey to perfection through his most significant victories, using the iconic monologue from Michael Jordan's 2014 ad "Maybe it's my fault."
The golden version of the sneaker shown at the end represents Jordan's growth and experience as a player.
Blvckstance, director and co-founder of STANCE, said: "At the beginning of each journey, we are shrouded in darkness and uncertainty. Only after years of hard work do we see a clearer and brighter picture, and then the grains of gold turn into real treasures. The golden version of the sneaker the viewer sees at the end represents the player's maturity and experience."
Flashes of light on the sneakers and the fluid, undulating movements of the sand represent Jordan's fame.
The sound used in the video is meant to describe the brilliance and power of Michael's game. Michael was like a flash in basketball, and for his opponents and the hoop represented a real danger, as almost every attack ended with a spectacular dunk. Therefore, in the sound of the video, there is a mix of calmness and sharp, low-frequency strikes that describe this power and danger. Additionally, to enhance the perception of the moments where Michael scores, we added a tiger's roar to each of those moments. Thus, the subconscious mind of each listener will associate the dunk with an attack with something powerful and exciting.

The film features the legendary Solid Gold OVO Air Jordan sneakers made of pure gold by artist Matthew Senna in 2016, which sold at auction for $2 million. We deliberately made the lack of animation of shoes or flight convey confidence and steadfastness, and stone textures enhance the sense of solidity and stillness synonymous with Jordan.
Production: Stance
Director: Blvckstance
Art Director: Maksym Khirnyy
Executive Producer: Anastasia Protsiuk
Concept: Viktor Pavlenko & Anton Vinogradov
Rnd: Maksym Khirnyy & Pavel Morozov
Modeling: Bohdan Morykon
3d Generalist: Maksym Khirnyy & Daniel Karnyshov 
TD: Nick Okolita
Texturing: Iaroslav Volkov
Transitions: Lagressif
Edit: Blvckstance
Color: Viktor Malygin
Music / Sound Design / Mixing / Mastering: Redhorse Audio & Uniqsound & Dmitrii Nakhimov

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