Kraus Bellucci

Handcrafted in Italy, Bellucci's premium products exemplify a stunning union of advanced engineering and striking style.

Combining the best of nature and technology, this flat apron home sink is an amazing fusion of beautiful modern design, superior durability and innovation. That's why the advertising campaign and visual combined the story of the product's birthplace of rock, a natural material. We used granite-quartz material and natural setting. Using computer graphics, we helped visualize the improved material, conveyed the tactile sensation due to the ultra-smooth water repellent surface, and showed how water rolls off.
Our task was to portray the premium natural materials of the Bellucci collection. Using innovative technology, the brand manages to combine aesthetics with practicality while preserving the environment. Everything they create is highly functional.
Inspired by Panoply "OPPO F7"
Client: Kraus
Production: Stance
CGI: Blvckstance
FX / TD / Supervisor: Sadovnichiy Oleg
Modeller: Sushko Sergey
Sound: Sava Tsurkanu

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