Red Dot

We are thrilled to present the legendary motorcycle brand Suter motion experiment "Red Dot."This visual sequence embodies the culmination of our inspired research, reflecting the grandeur of design and unmatched power characteristics of the Suter MMX500. This model stands as a vivid testament to the rich history of the Suter manufacturer, which has become a symbol of innovation and engineering excellence in the world of racing motorcycles over the years.​​​​​​​

Suter Racing Technology boasts a rich motorcycle racing heritage dating back to the mid-90s. From involvement in the 250cc and 500cc world championships to pioneering developments in engine components and chassis design, Suter Racing has left an indelible mark on the sport. Now, with the revival of two-stroke bikes from the Golden Era, the legacy continues.
The Suter MMX500 is a racing motorcycle that combines aerodynamic design with lightness and strength, thanks to the use of carbon and titanium. Its heart is a 2-stroke V4 engine with a capacity of 576 cc, capable of developing more than 195 horsepower, providing exceptional dynamic performance. Attention to detail, aerodynamic elements, and specialized exhaust systems emphasize its uniqueness and technological superiority. Limited production makes each Suter MMX500 unit an exclusive work of motorcycle art.
The assembly of the static model of the Suter MMX500 motorcycle was carried out in a way that highlighted its sleek lines, aerodynamic shapes, and unique construction. The use of contrasting and directed lighting accentuated the texture of materials such as carbon and titanium, as well as the construction details and design elements.
The play of light on the model created dynamic shadows and highlights, emphasizing the complexity and quality of the finish of each detail of the motorcycle. This approach to the assembly and lighting of the static model of the Suter MMX500 facilitated the visual perception of the motorcycle as a high-tech, high-performance sports machine, demonstrating its aesthetics and engineering thought at the highest level.
Production: Stance

Art Director: Blvckstance / Nikolay Okolita   

Modeling / Shading: Nikolay Okolita / Eric Vice / Roman Tkachenko

Edit / Light: Blvckstance   

Color Grading: Andrey Garny   

Compositing: Anton Verein   

Rnd: Pavel Grankin / Aleksey Gvozdev

Td: Maksym Khirnyy

Sound design / Music: Redhorse Audio

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