Geek Club "Cyberpunk"

Presentation of a new product line "Cyberpunk" by Geek Club.

The company has several collections and creates DIY construction kits with printed plate boards for children and hardware lovers. When we assembled the first robot, we realized that the Geek Club audience are heroes, and we needed to give them inspiration and recognition. We came up with an image and narrative of a scientist who assembles his unique robot. With parallel editing we assembled the robot in photorealistic CGI, showing how labor intensive the process really is. Thus, the main character of Cyberpunk appeared - a mysterious smart inventor.
The company did not fit with the classic startup story - CGI explainer video, we needed to convey the atmosphere of engineering, to create fun and entertainment for the "adult" childhood geeks, so we suggested filming more footage of the hero. To coincide with that, in the same year the legendary Cyberpunk game was released, the audience of the game and our product were the same – geeks, gamers, males 25-35 years old. The team took a risk and named the collection with the same name - Cyberpunk.
Client: Geek Club
Production: Stance
Director: Blvckstance
CGI / Edit: Blvckstance
Model: Sergey Sushko
Camera Assistant: Michael Popkov
Gaffer: Vadim Drankovich
Photography: Viktoria Kazakova​​​​​​​

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