"Fear Itself" [Playground Moscow x Hard]

Playground is an international basketball center created by NBA regulations. Blvckstance, Stance co-founder and director, came up with a story about overcoming and finding yourself through sports - the idea came while playing the court. Sport is about rhythm and dynamics which perfectly fit with the editing and basketball. We did some serious casting of basketball athletes.
Dangerous shooting with fire was difficult due to finding the right location. The imitation of the elements - downpour and fire - was used to convey emotions and feelings in crisis situations on the set. The hero struggles with his fears and obstacles.After making the first drafts we showed the sketch to Nike and established a creative collaboration between Nike and Playground Moscow, as the narrative and the mood completely suited the brand.
Production / Agency: Stance
Director / Dop: Blvckstance
Creative / Edit: Anton Vinogradov
Camera: Marat Kalimov
Gaffer: Vladimir Dybanov
Motion Design: Lagressif
SFX: Sava Tsurkanu
Actors: David Arutinyan, Faruk Yussuf

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