Orgenesis short CGI film about the innovations and ecosystem.

Orgenesis is a leader in cell and gene therapy research. We were tasked with creating a CGI Explainer film for conference and trade show presentations, as well as video for the company's digital communications. Orgenesis has a complex ecosystem structure consisting of several innovative products - The Orgenesis POCare Platform, medical centers, The Orgenesis Mobile Processing Unit and Labs and Ecosystem.
In addition, it was necessary to briefly introduce the immunotherapy theory to a mass audience and explain the benefits of Orgenesis' unique technologies in order to maximize the film's audience, from doctors and researchers to partners and investors.  
Using CGI, we visualized processes that cannot be captured on camera - illustrating the unique features of molecules at the organ level and the function of medical devices. Many themes we have revealed through the visual narration and supplemented with a narrator's voice-over. In addition, we created live interiors of Orgenesis products and supplemented them with motion graphics, matched the main style of the video, and implemented everything in Orgenesis brand colors.
Client: Orgenesis
Production: Stance
CGI: Blvckstance
Producer: Anastasiya Protsyuk​​​​​​​

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